MBLGTACC 2023 Workshop Proposal

Available from Sun, Apr 9 - Tue, May 30, 2023

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Application Timeline

  • May 22 - proposals due
  • June 23 - presenters notified of acceptance
  • July 21 - deadline for accepted presenters to confirm attendance
  • August 25 - presenters notified of workshop schedule
  • September 1 - final titles and descriptions due
  • October 20 - deadline to submit copies of presenter materials (slideshows, etc.) to conference staff

Proposal Details

In this section, please provide some information about your proposed workshop including the name of your workshop, a brief description, who is presenting, and what times you are available to present.

This can be updated/edited at a later date.

This will be printed in the conference program. You’ll have a chance to edit this later.

You’ll have a chance to edit this later.

Email Name Pronouns
luz@hexide.edu Luz Noceda she/her

Detailed Description

In this section, please provide a thorough outline of your workshop idea, identify which (if any) tracks your workshop relates to, and highlight your experience(s) relating to this workshop. This is your opportunity to explain how you will use your workshop time and your approach to teaching on this topic.

Some key items to mention:

  • how your session contributes to this year’s theme: “Queer Joy as Our Lasting Legacy”
  • the topic of your session
  • intended audience (ex: students, any/all, advisors) 
  • any potential videos, media, resources or other tools you might use in your presentation 
  • what you hope attendees will learn from your session

We offer these options for those who may feel more confident providing an outline in either a written format or a verbalized/oral format.

If none apply, click “General Session”

If none apply, click “General Session”

Ex: lived experiences, extensive work or research around this topic, previous presentations, occupation, etc.

Presenter Guidelines

If you are accepted to present at MBLGTACC 2023, you will be expected to abide by certain guidelines. Please be sure to review these and let us know if you have any questions by emailing hello@sgdinstitute.org.


We will provide updates and important information via the email you provided in your workshop submission. Please be attentive to your email and be mindful of any communicated due dates.


We trust presenters to aid us in curating an accessible environment for all attendees. We will provide as much guidance and support as possible to equip presenters with accessibility tools for their workshops. This is not an exhaustive list, but we would like to emphasize these simple ways to enhance the accessibility of your workshop: 

  • Use Google Slides to build your presentation and check for color contrast and readability. Check out IT Accessibility: Google Slides for more info on accessible slides.
  • Always use a microphone while presenting. Each workshop room is equipped with a microphone. Also, repeat any attendee questions into the microphone for those who may have missed it.
  • If you’re using Google Slides, enable the captions function 
  • If you’re using slides or images, describe the content while presenting. For example, “This photo shows five people laughing” or “This is the Midwest Institute logo” 
  • If there is text on the screen, read it out loud. And be mindful of the font size for all text in your presentation materials. Fancy fonts or text that is too small can be difficult to process. 

We welcome additional recommendations you have discovered that we could share out to all presenters.


MBLGTACC is a stepping stone for queer and trans presenters who use their experience of presenting to launch into careers in education, public speaking, entertainment, community organizing, and more! We want to support you in feeling confident, comfortable and prepared to present your exciting workshop idea.

In mid-September, we’ll provide more details about a Presenter Orientation hosted via Zoom. This will be an opportunity for you to ask questions as you put the finishing touches on your workshop materials. 

We will be requesting digital copies of presentation materials (ex: presentation slides, handouts, worksheets, video clips, etc) by October 20. Presentation content collected will only be used for internal purposes such as reviewing content for compliance with the Code for Inclusion. More details about this process will be provided closer to the submission deadline.

Status: work-in-progress